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Brooklyn, NY

Our Artists

Petite Soul collaborates with painters, graphic designers, and illustrators to showcase their work in a new way, bringing you one-of-a-kind products that make you and your loved ones feel special.

Bret Syfert  |  Ladybug Print, Children's Book, and Branding

Bret designs and makes pictures and books in London ( He recently noticed that ladybugs have been following him his entire life, so he thought it was about time he shared their story. 

Stef Syfert  |  Dot and Stripe Prints

Before becoming a creative arts therapist, Stef worked in the NYC garment industry doing graphic design, sales, and production. Shortly after the birth of her son, Calvin, she and Mary Grace started Petite Soul. Stef quickly discovered that many of the skills she learned in her early days in the city were coming back to help her with their new business venture. 

Stef has always loved painting in watercolor, as she feels it creates a dreamy image, like that of a memory. "It was so much fun using watercolor to create these prints from the first brushstrokes to the end fabric."

You can see more of Stef's work here.

Brittany Falussy  |  Blush Blossom Print

Brittany (her friends call her Bee) is an Illustrator and Designer living in Astoria, New York. She currently works as an in-house designer and illustrator at Rolling Stone magazine. As a freelancer, she has worked on a range of projects from children's books, to murals for the New York Department of Transportation. When she's not drawing, she's usually hanging out with her french bulldog, Scout.

See more of Bee's work here, and check her out on Instagram @bee-falussy.

Sophia Haas  |  Gift Card 

Sophia is a native New Yorker living and working in Brooklyn with her fiancé Daniel Salmieri and dog Ronni.  Thorns and Prickles is a passion project that grew out of creating hand painted cards, with simple messages of love for her family and friends. She creates hand painted, printed, handmade and marbled cards, as well as custom animal collages. Working in the early childhood field for many years, she has always been drawn to process art and creating opportunities and activities for young children to freely express themselves through play, art, and sensory materials (clay, sand, water). In her studio, she recreates this exploratory process for herself and enjoys discovering new ways to create art and design.