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Brooklyn, NY

Our Story


It started with a bonnet...

Co-Founders, Stef Grill and Mary Grace, met in NYC in early 2014 and quickly discovered that not only did they have motherhood in common but just about everything else, too. 

While on one of many urban play date adventures, they got to talking about bonnets. Mary's daughter was soon outgrowing Mary's childhood bonnets, and she couldn't find anything like them on the market. Stef wondered if bonnets for boys even existed. They loved the idea of tie-on headwear that's both practical and stylish. That's when they decided to solve the problem themselves. 

Inspired by the simplicity of Mary's childhood bonnet, and using vintage fabric and an old Kenmore, both passed down from Stef's mom, they made their first bonnet. Blown away by the response from customers worldwide, thus was the beginning of a very special entrepreneurship.

Stef and Mary continue to be at the helm of Petite Soul. Living on opposite ends of NYC (Brooklyn and Harlem), and forever juggling their growing families and careers, it's not always easy, but they make it work. Stef and Mary understand just how special it is to own unique pieces that you and your baby can enjoy just as much as they do!